• The Surgeon

    Dr. Everardo Abramo actively participates in several institutions related to plastic surgery. He was regional president of the Brazilian Society for Plastic Surgery/RJ [Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica – SBCP] from 2004 to 2005 (check it out),He is a full member specialist of the SBCP and the Ibero Latin American Foundation for Plastic Surgery [Federação Ibero Latinoamericana de Cirurgia Plastica – FILACP]. He was president of the Studies Centre and also Post-Graduate Residency Coordinator of the Fluminense Plastic Surgery Clinic in Niterói, Brazil. He has a vast professional experience having performed countless successful surgeries and with numerous participations at international symposiums and conferences.

  • The Surgeon

    In this interview for Canal Futura Dr. Everardo talks about the need plastic surgery has to became popular and more. Watch.

Appointment: 375 Carlos Góis, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro. 55 (21)2239-8296 and 51 Miguel de Frias, Icaraí, Niterói. 55 (21)2719-4290. everardoabramo@hotmail.com

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a major decision that warrants knowing your surgeon. Check if your plastic surgeon is an associate of the Brazilian Society for Plastic Surgery.

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